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Le SuperHomard – Springtime

Groovy, swooning pop a la peak Stereolab    

Do you miss Stereolab? Specifically that mid-to-late-’90s era of the band when they made Emperor Tomato Ketchup and Dots & Loops? Parisian group Le SuperHomard clearly do too, as you can hear on the group’s new SpringTime EP, out now on Madrid’s Elefant Records. There are a couple songs on this EP that are dead ringers for that era, from the groovy basslines to strings that sound like they were arranged by The High Llamas’ Sean O’Hagan. If you dig the sophisticated pop of that era — including The Cardigans, Saint Etienne, Eggstone, Air, and Bertrand Burgalat — Le SuperHomard are going to make you very happy.

It’s not all space age bachelor pad music, though. SpringTime‘s title track is rolling, modern synthpop, and “Overflight” sounds like its title, with strings that really make it soar. Singer Julie has the kind of breathy voice that makes it all go down ever smoother.












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