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LE SUPERHOMARD continue taking songs off their marvelous and one of a kind “Meadow Lane Park”. Now it is time for the Digital Single for “SDVB”, which is otherwise known as “Sweet Dark Velvet Blues”, a song that shows off so many of the qualities that make LE SUPERHOMARD such a special group so full of personality, relating them somehow to groups like STEREOLAB and BROADCAST. Yes, because the analogical drones are here, the roboticized melodies with echoes of KRAFTWERK and FAUST, the dreamy voices making the oneiric feeling even stronger... And there is new proof of their creativity in a video that gives us an absolutely incredible trip through time, mixing cinematographic techniques, collage and animation, stop-motion and 3D. Because what Pooley (Woom Studio) is doing with these videos for the French group deserves a separate mention. Or even better, a course in the school of cinematographic animation.


To complete this release, we are recovering two instrumental tracks from an old, out-of-print EP, “The Pomegranate Tree EP”. Two new gestures of sonorous fantasy. “The Pomegranate Tree” itself transports us to colorful, elegant, romantic countrysides, just over a minute and a half, while “September 9” goes for lyricism, strings, melancholy. All of this within the framework of their unique auditory experience, full of textures, synthesizers and impossible melodies.


It is hard to find artists with a discourse so completely their own, and so separate from everything else that is being done in the rest of the music scene. Yes, far from the trends, but also far from common ground. Listening to LE SUPERHOMARD is like taking a bath in freshness, revitalizing. Like it is always summer.




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