Music by Le Mans in an Argentinian short film

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LE MANS’ music has an important role, along with big names as those of Salinger and Truffaut, in the new short film by Argentinian director Paulo Pécora. “Siemprenunca” (“Alwaysnever”, 2005) is a 12-minute short movie, filmed in Super 8 (colour and black and white) and 16mm. (black and white) written, directed and produced by Pécora as a visual poem.
“Siemprenunca” is a collage with words, music and emotions, which describes in an oniric, metaphoric way the sentimental misadventures of its main character: a young man confused by the blurry souvenirs of a love that never actually existed.
The film approaches this lack of love in an unconventional way, becoming a cinematic puzzle, the pieces of which could be placed in a thousand different ways, according to the emotions they provoke in each different viewer.
In this sense, “Siemprenunca” includes images taken from other three short films by the author, some excerpts from his short story "Dinosaurios", footage from the film "Los mocosos" (“Les mistons”, 1958), by French director François Truffaut (who meets again the LE MANS universe after the cover version recently released by SINGLE of the title track of his movie “L’amour en fuite”), excerpts of some songs by LE MANS, and words from the short story "A perfect day for banana fish", by American cult writer JD Salinger.
In 2006 "Siemprenunca" was nominated into the official competition section of the VIII Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente (Bafici), one of the most important cinema festivals in Argentina, and on of the more prestigious worldwide when it comes to independent cinema.



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