LABORDE feat. TURIAN BOY "Flotando" Single Digital

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Míriam LABORDE is unstoppable. It was just yesterday that we were talking about her latest single with VALVERDINA and RARE, that powerful “Vampirita”, and we already have our hands on a new single, this time with TURIAN BOY, who she wrote the magnificent “Llámame” with. “Flotando” is a song that Míriam and Álex wrote in the middle of the pandemic and that has continued to shape-shift from the initial hyperpop (which has been defined as one of the singer’s trademarks) to a more powerful form, closer to her more recent songs, that somehow connect to the punk-pop of her LISASINSON. The song stands out once again thanks to Míriam’s ability to make perfect, immediate, exciting choruses that are full of energy. It’s spectacular; after listening just once we can’t stop singing it. The song is about people who come and go in our lives, and especially about everything they touch along the way. To top it off, Míriam herself made the cover and the lyric video. She is an artist who continues to show how wide her range is, how versatile she is, and how incredibly fast she works. And best of all is that we can’t help but think about everything that we will see from her in the future.


TRACKLIST: 01 Flotando (Feat. TURIAN BOY)




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