LA BIEN QUERIDA "Resistiré" Single Digital

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TRACKLIST: 01 Resistiré (Banda Sonora Original "Élite")


Ana Fernández-Villaverde continues to grow her repertoire beyond her albums, and like any good inquisitive mind, there is always some ulterior motive, there is no work of inspiration (be it her own initiative or required) that does not surpass all expectations. And now it’s the DÚO DINÁMICO’s turn, and that Netflix show “Élite” that has blown up the viewing charts. In the fifth season, which is coming out now, there is an episode full of little references and homages to the inimitable Spanish film maker Pedro Almodóvar. And at one point, the protagonists are watching “Átame”, a movie which ends with “Resistiré” by Manuel and Ramón. The original version melts into LA BIEN QUERIDA’s revisiting, which weaves the downtempo with flamenco, creating a mantra of mystery and introspection, of roots and contained outbursts.


The idea came from Paulina Márquez, musical supervisor for the show, who saw in Ana the perfect protagonist for this special moment of the season, and the result of it is a Digital Single that will be released this coming April 6, the same day that “Romancero” celebrates the 13th anniversary of its release. And in 13 years so many things have happened, there have been so many songs, so many surprises and so many changes. And the best? Well, that’s still to come, as very soon we will be releasing the first advance of what will be LA BIEN QUERIDA’s new album.



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