Japanese record label Waterslide Records releases a JUNIPER MOON compilation

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JUNIPER MOON have been one of Elefant’s most internationally-known groups, who, sadly, broke up in 2005 in what was probably their most definitive moment. Their only disc, “El Resto de Mi Vida”, and songs like “¿Volverás?” (played with unusual frequency by the illustrious Steve Lamacq on his BBC program), “Superstar” (included on the “Looking for Chencho” soundtrack) and the very “El Resto de Mi Vida” (which was included on one of the prestigious compilations by the music store chain Rough Trade) were praised wherever they were heard, in Spain, Europe, Asia…, highlighting their energy, their personality and the urgent force of their punk-pop melodies. And as proof, we have this album, released exclusively for the Japanese market, but we’ve got a few copies so that the group’s fans don’t get left without this amazing collection of songs.

On this CD you can find all of the group’s singles, as well as a good collection of extras and unreleased tracks, like demos, songs from compilations, live versions and outtakes, for a total of 24 songs. The result perfectly captures that feeling of eternal youth, scruff and vitality, euphoria and overflowing energy, on an album that will convince the uninitiated as much as it will thrill the fans and collectors. As Sean Tyler, one of the people in charge of Rough Trade, already commented about the debut album by the group from Leon: “I played this disc at the store every day for hours. I could happily sing along without having a clue what they were saying… so I decided to learn Spanish at night school, just so I could understand what they were singing.” Though they no longer exist, JUNIPER MOON are still moving mountains.

Tracklist: 01- ¿Volverás? 02- XXX 03- Viernes Por La Tarde 04- Nave Espacial 05- Nevera Exterminadora 06- 16 De Septiembre 07- Me Siento Mejor 08- Tus Pies 09- Un Sueño Tan Sólo Eso 10- Sólo Una Sonrisa 11- Cosas Que Nunca Te Dije 12- Superstar 13 - 8 Meses En Globo 14- El Último Tiro 15 - Quiero Verte Una Vez Más (First Version) 16 - Superstar (First Version) 17 - Madrid (First Version) 18 - La Venganza (Demo) 19 - Tus Pies (Demo) 20 - Superstar (Demo) 21 - A Veces Sí, A Veces No (Live 2003) 22 - No Te Pongas El Sombrero ( Live 2003) 23 - JM Y La Furgoneta Azul ( Live 2003) 24 - Enfermedad ( Live 2003)

You can listen to the songs HERE [SPOTIFY]

Juniper Moon ["The japanese compilation"]
picture: Archivo Elefant

Juniper Moon ["The japanese compilation"]
picture: Archivo Elefant

Juniper Moon ["The japanese compilation", Obi]
picture: Archivo Elefant



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