Juniper Moon in Rough-Trade's indie-pop compilation

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JUNIPER MOON have been included in a compilation that gathers the best of international indie-pop, and shows the international indie-pop scene acknowledgement as one of the best indie and punk-pop bands.

London’s Rough Trade shops (specially Portobello’s one) are a dream of every music enthusiast. During last year, as a celebration of their 25th anniversary, they released (though Mute Records) several essential compilations reviewing this store’s history, firstly, and lastly going over styles as punk and post-punk.

Next October will be released "Indiepop 1", a new indie-pop compilation. Sean Tyler, in charge of the compilation and musical selection manager (and also the person responsible, along with the journalist Everett True and Matt Haynes from Sarah Records, for the booklet’s texts), judges that this new style was born in a time in which UK was full of bands, labels and fanzines. For him, it was like a rebirth of punk.

In "Indiepop" we have legendary and well-known bands as PRIMAL SCREAM, THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN, MY BLOODY VALENTINE, BELLE AND SEBASTIAN, FELT or THE MAGNETIC FIELDS; along with other indie’s classics, although maybe less known but no less mythical, as TALULAH GOSH, SPEARMINT, POPGUNS, McCARTHY, VASELINES, SHOP ASSISTANTS, FLATMATES, WOLFHOUNDS or BOYRACER. Besides bands very close to Elefant Records as CAMERA OBSCURA, BMX BANDITS, HEAVENLY, THE FIELD MICE or HELEN LOVE.

And between all those pop wonders, JUNIPER MOON has passed "El resto de mi vida". Regarding Sean Tyler’s booklet’s text: “I placed this album each day for two moths in the store. I could happily sing without knowing one single word (..), that’s why I decided learning Spanish at a night school, just to know what I was singing”. JUNIPER MOON album’s cover is reproduced in this compilation’s cover, and in the back cover is a badge from Elefant Records the one which shows how well regarded is our label ahead our country’s borders.

Juniper Moon [Backcover, Rough Trade compilation]
picture: Archivo Elefant

Juniper Moon [Cover, Rough Trade Single]
picture: Archivo Elefant

Juniper Moon [Backcover, Rough Trade Single]
picture: Archivo Elefant




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