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We're finally opening our own YouTube channel! There was tons and tons of material to put up (and really, there's still so much more), and Internet users can finally subscribe to the Elefant Records page on the most famous and visited video website in the world, which can be accessed from this web address: http://www.youtube.com/elefantrecords

For the channel's official inauguration we've put up various new videos, some previously unreleased. You can enjoy the exclusive new video-clip of CORAZON's “Nuevo Futuro” or SPEEDMARKET's newest single, “No Drama”, which will be released in July and which we're releasing the splendid new video-clip of in advance. There are a ton of LA CASA AZUL videos, plus interviews, live videos, reports… but the most exciting thing, for the moment, is definitely the video-clip of the English version of “La Revolution Sexual”. You can also find reports and interviews with COOPER that you most certainly haven't seen, as well as three songs recorded live for the MySpace special, including the song “Mi Universo”, which is a completely new song not even included on Alex's latest work, “Aeropuerto”.

We have more than 100 video-clips from Elefant groups available (yes, all the videos from LA CASA AZUL, COOPER, CAMERA OBSCURA, NOSOTRÄSH, SINGLE, HEAVENLY, LOS FLECHAZOS, LUCKY SOUL, LA BIEN QUERIDA …) and a ton of extra previously unreleased material like documentaries, reports, live videos, interviews… You still haven't seen the colorful beatle-esque “Let's Make Stevens Cake” by GIORGIO TUMA? You haven't enjoyed the exemplary imagination in the alternate version of the CAMERA OBSCURA's “Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken” video? And the MTV report about the making of the latest LA CASA AZUL video? The beautiful melancholy of Nick Garrie's “Twilight”? NOSOTRASH's “Arte”? Geometry according to LE MANS?...

All of these (and the rest, too) go beyond the image put to a song; they're authentic demonstrations of audiovisual imagination and ability. You can finally enjoy them on Elefant Records' YouTube channel! And pay attention, because starting now we'll be adding more and more material to our channel each week, for the enjoyment of all fans and followers of the label.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and be the first to enjoy all the new audiovisuals that we'll be putting up on Elefant Channel.




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