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Bucket Full Of Brains [sp]: "Space Escapade [Aventura espacial] Unit 1 Destination: Pluto Sector 68" review



"In The Morning We'll Meet" review

Giorgio Tuma - In The Morning We'll Meet reviewAround this time last year I got obsessed with the Magic Theatre album London Town . I couldn't get through a day without hearing its gorgeous melodies and majestic orchesteral flourishes. S…



"Space escapade [Aventura espacial] Unit 1 Destination: Pluto Sector 68" review

Various Artists – Space Escapade Unit 1 Destination: Pluto Sector 68 (Aventura Espacial)Space Escapade Unit 1 is the latest of several pop picnics from their overflowing basket. Scouring Europe for the best in pop talent, an ability to commit sunshine to vinyl/tape would appear the common denomina…



"In The Morning We'll Meet" review

Elefant Records release albums from the pick of European PopVic TemplarTwo years on from his amazing debut (My Vocalese Fun Fair) Italian pop genius Giorgio Tuma unveils his 16-track follow up on his Spanish label with songs in English.Apologies, I’m writing like you’re in on the secret, but I g…



"In The Morning We'll Meet" review

Giorgio TumaIN THE MORNING WE’LL MEET-(ELEFANT)-I have no idea who Giorgio Tuma is, and I’m sure you don’t, either. But let’s not let obscurity get in the way of the very obvious point that In The Morning We’ll Meet is one of the most perfect soft-pop records. Beach Boys circa Friends, the…



"In The Morning We'll Meet" article

GIORGIO TUMA…the finest album this summer!GIORGIO TUMA
IN The Morning We’ll Meet
Release Date: August 2011Burt Bacharach, Ennio Morricone, Brian Wilson… these are but three musical masterminds whose names need no introduction. Giorgio Tuma, however, perhaps does.Tuma is…



"In The Morning We'll Meet" review

GIORGIO TUMA: “In the Morning We'll Meet” (2011, Elefant Records)Datemi un posto dove far rilassare la mia anima. Lasciatela fluttuare, disperdetela e dimenticatela. Assicuratevi che non conosca il suo destino, non coltivi speranze e abbia con sé la musica di Giorgio Tuma. L'artista originario …











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