GIORGIO TUMA With Malik 'theFreq' Moore Single 7". We have already been able to enjoy the incredible releases with Laetitia Sadier and Lena Karlsson. Now it’s the Californian Malik 'theFreq' Moore’s turn. He is a member of THE LIONS, one of the most important soul-based reggae bands on the Stones Throw label (J Dilla, Madlib, Aloe Blacc, Mayer Hawthorne...), and also of THE BULLETS, a project he shares with Roger Rivas (THE AGGROLITES). He is a singer who has collaborated with such important people from the reggae rocksteady scene as Leroy Sibbles, Pat Kelly, Prince Buster, Derrick Morgan and Dennis Al Capone.    





Releases his fourth album, "This Life Denied Me Your Love". “This Life Denied Me Your Love” is a collection of songs made for a galactic cocktail party, where glamour and elegance go subtly and delicately hand in hand, making a highly exciting but hard to classify collection of songs. 




GIORGIO TUMA "Creation Of My Ghosts" Digital Single


It has been too long since we had news from Giorgio Tuma. We haven’t had any new songs from the Italian author since “This Life Denied Me Your Love”, although that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been active. Before the world sank into a pandemic, Giorgio had put together a bossa nova and Brazilian music tribute band called WE LOVE GILBERTO, with an important lead role from the singer Clarissa Rustico. This ultimately led to Giorgio returning to the studio for one last EP, that we get an advance of with this “Creation Of My Ghosts”, where he warms our hearts with this reminder of his delicate harmonies, his delicious melodies, his exotic arrangements, the overflowing fantasy and caress of his songs. Some of them, like this one, are magistral exercises in escapism. And for this return, we have a lyric video by Pooley (Woom Studio), where he shows off his exquisite esthetic taste again, perfect for Giorgio Tuma’s music, and here it is inspired by the cover art, with a certain dreamy, psychedelic tone, increasing the feeling of unreality, of marvelous hallucination, that this Italian genius’ music transports you to. It is a banquet of pleasure.


GIORGIO TUMA "We Love Gilberto EP" Single 7"


One last breath of creativity that has given us more of those rays of light that saturate his music: the rich arrangements, the exotic harmonies, the passion for Brazil, the house party, the samba and bossa nova… All of this is absolutely exuberant on these four songs that have the voices of Clarissa herself and with Gaia Rollo. Because we are here for things as beautiful as “Lasciamoci In Allegria”, “Embracing Livia”, “Prisma Clarisse” and the advance Digital Single “Creation Of My Ghosts”. Poetic justice, if you want to call it that. Press play and enjoy. There is always, and always will be, time and space Giorgio’s songs.








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