Elefant plays some good music in Popland

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Popland and Cinemaspop are two stores (actually three, because Popland has two different premises) from the Malasaña area in Madrid, but they both provide half Spain and abroad with aesthetic pleasures. In Popland, an enormous variety of accessories, garnishing, furniture, records and pop memorabilia on the whole can be found, whereas in Cinemaspop, pop culture comes on the top of movie going and cinema love. Two colouristic concepts with a passionate interest for pop’s different sides, that were to meet Elefant Records’ music.

Both stores have just released the album "Popland 25 hit parade", including that number of successful songs from Elefant Records catalogue: COOPER, LA CASA AZUL, CAMERA OBSCURA, BERLANGA, LE MANS, HEAVENLY or JUNIPER MOON, among others, playing the perfect soundtrack to the lush aesthetic of this retro consumption’s paradise.

01. Cerca del sol (COOPER)
02. Una mañana (ME ENVENENO DE AZULES)
03. Amor cúbico (NIZA)
04. Cherry people (SHIZUKA)
05. Cerca de Shibuya (LA CASA AZUL)
06. Vacaciones (Carlos Berlanga)
07. Superdisco (Naomi Mix) (LES FRÈRES CHECKOLADE)
08. Ride the tiger (ANTI)
09. Salven las sirenas (ENTRE RÍOS)
10. Vamos a caminar (CIELO)
11. Keep it clean (CAMERA OBSCURA)
12. Los amantes (Ana D)
13. Dame estrellas o limones (FAMILY)
14. Vacaciones (GASCA)
15. Un rayo de sol (LE MANS)
16. Space manatee (HEAVENLY)
17. Madrid (JUNIPER MOON)
18. Watch over you (AUTOMATICS)
19. Roll with it (MOGUL)
20. Oh Katrina (TENDER TRAP)
21. Mi vida va bien (PATRULLERO MANCUSO)
22. En tu calle (LOS FLECHAZOS)
23. Rara sensación (NOSOTRÄSH)
24. Poppy girl (VACACIONES)
25. Que extraña chica es (LOS SOBERANOS)



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