FRED FREDBURGUER “Tardes De Sol” Single Digital

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TRACKLIST: 01 Tardes De Sol  02 Esto No Es Serie


We still feel like time has been standing still since discovering the first eponymous Mini-LP by FRED FREDBURGUER. And “Tardes De Sol” is going to be the last Digital Single taken from that release. It is a luminous song (the intention is clear with the title), probably the song with the purest pop spirit on the release: clear and universal. Throw in a handful of pretty chords, a precious melody, charming lyrics, a few choruses, and those guitars that we like so much. We don’t need anything more. Or anything less. In the video that accompanies the release, directed by Daniel Cuenca, we can see our protagonists enjoying an afternoon in the park, among picnics, bicycles, and music instruments. And to soften that “see you soon”, there is a previously unreleased track. Specifically, it is the theme song for the podcast “Esto No Es Serie”, dedicated to television series, which Alba, the singer of our beloved FRED FREDBURGUER, (along with her podcast mates Andy and Leti), participates in. Trademark high voltage punk-rock.



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