FRED FREDBURGUER: "15 Minutos" Single Digital and Video

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The songs from FRED FREDBURGUER’s eponymous Mini-LP are still playing in our heads, and we already have a new digital release with new songs. The star here is a song taken from said Mini-LP - “15 Minutos” is the most special song on the album, with a more complex structure but maintaining its pop spirit 100%, and that serves as the perfect tool to talk about high school romances. The song comes with a refreshing video directed by Daniel Cuenca ( LA CASA AZUL, Soleá MorenteCristina Quesada, RUSH WEEK, PERFECT KISS ...) where we can see the group playing the song, on the one hand, and then on the other, acting out the lyrics in a North American fifties-style hamburger joint, like something from “American Graffiti”. The esthetic is the perfect complement to the concept and the group’s sound, and it ends with a huge party with lots of popcorn. 

What’s more is that this single includes two previously unreleased songs. There is “La Merienda”, the song that is used as the theme song for the fantastic radio program directed by Agustín Fuentes on Canal Extremadura, who is also the director of the inimitable Contempopránea festival. And there is also “Acústica”, a very special cover of SIBYL VANE, from their “Mermelada De Tomate”. Curiously, the song is not included on the album’s tracklist, but it is a hidden track, coming on after the album’s last song, “Hongos”, ends. 

This is definitely new proof of FRED FREDBURGUER’s intentions for their sound: catchy melodies, loud guitars, fast tempos and energetic, carefree attitudes. Let’s dance.


TRACKLIST: 01 15 Minutos  02 La Merienda  03 Acústica




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