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Lauren Laverne radio list

Fitness Forever [Radio BBC]foto: Archivo Elefant



Gideon Coe radio list

Fitness Forever [Radio BBC]foto: Archivo Elefant



"Bacharach" videoclip [Making of]

Para ver el making of pincha aquí Fitness Forever [Youtube]foto: Archivo Elefant



"Personal Train" interview

Fitness Forever [Glog mag]foto: Archivo Elefant



"Personal train" article

La canzone italiana riparte da Fitness ForeverUno che cresce con l’indie col tempo si convince che la musica buona non potrà avere che una lingua, l’inglese. Poi magari riscopre la canzone buona italiana ma si convince lo stesso che sia stata solo una parentesi come il cinema buono italiano, ec…



Interview about the band

 Interview: Carlos Valderrama of Fitness ForeverA couple months ago I wrote about one of my favorite groups from Italy called Fitness Forever (here). Now, a couple months later Carlos Valderrama (the composer behind the group) has agreed to do an interview with me.I really hope you'll enjoy this on…











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