Elefant artits featured in a japanese compilation

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Japanese label Passed Out Recordings will release by the end of June the compilation “This Planets Rolls”, which bears the appropriate subtitle of “International pop compilation: 13 artists, 8 countries, 4 languages”. Among those four languages there’s Spanish, and among those eight countries there’s Spain and Argentina, countries of origin for such Elefant Records artists as LA MONJA ENANA, LA CASA AZUL and ENTRE RÍOS. “Los días de Perky Pat”, “El sol no brillará nunca más” and “Salven las sirenas” are respectively the tracks included of each band in a compilation where they share space with people like Australia’s ARCHITECTURE IN HELSINKI, USA’s STARLIGHT MINTS or Japan’s ELEKIBASS, among other Italian, Swedish and German outfits. Elefant Records has always been very active and present in the international pop scene, and this is a good example of it.



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