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Colour Horizon [En]: Kristall Reinheit [Review]

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Die Katapult – Kristall Reinheit (2015)



The overarching sound of Die Katapult’s album Kristall Reinheit is Man Machine mode Kraftwerk meets the fey pop of the Human League. There is plenty of bass to the forefront and lots of sci-fi parpings beeping around the periphery. Die Katapult are another classic German electronic outfit… Woah hang on… They’re actually a Spanish-Swedish duo…

This thoroughly not-German-at-all pairing of Anna Fredriksson and Elena Comas have released a set of eccentric songs, sometimes frantic, sometimes dreamy…

‘Braun’, the opener offers a parallel universe version of the opening music to 90 BBC Sunday night classic Ski Sunday.

‘Schweinsteiger’ is a stop-start ode to the Bayern Munich midfielder.

Title track ‘Kristall Reinheit’ is a slinkier affair, keys gently nudging the song forwards.

‘Deutsche TV’ offers a dry, sunset theme from an 80s action movie, you can practically see William Peterson gazing into the middle distance.

‘Euromillionen’ is a breakneck piece at the tempo of a hummingbird’s heartbeat.

‘Die Katapult’ starts as Game Over music before settling down into a jostling dash for the finish line.

Keeping the neon lights burning…










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