DIE KATAPULT: "Für Eine Moment" Single and Video

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DIE KATAPULT continue giving us the capsules that comprise their first album “DKXD”. This time, we have the song that closes the album, one of the most special songs from their debut: “Für Einen Moment”. This song alternates between electronic martial tones in a Teutonic key that the album is full of, with innocent and dazzling pop choruses. This, together with their iconoclastic universe, has led to an absolutely tremendous video, directed by Xoxé Tétano (of LOS GANGLIOS, and who has already directed videos for the duo). In the video, a priest represents the Catholic church in its fight against alcoholism, which is represented by Anna and Elena themselves. This pep talk is mixed with anthropology and chemistry classes, and proof of the acts carried out by our protagonists in the most Castilian bar you can imagine. All of this comes together to give us an absolutely brilliant visual conglomerate. There are no words to describe it. This is an absolutely imperative ingredient to complete the very unique and groundbreaking work of DIE KATAPULT. Come on in and have a look.




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