COUR DE RÉCRÉ "À L’ombre D’une Jeune Fille En Pierre" Single Digital

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About a year ago, we released the eponymous album from COUR DE RÉCRÉ as part of our New Adventures In Pop collection, and we were just enamored with the freshness and ease of Quentin, Stan and Chloé and their synthesized electronic pop with francophone legacies. That album closed with the song, “À L'ombre D'une Jeune Fille En Pierre”, a track that begins with a bucolic, melancholy melody and ends up mutating into an exquisite exercise in disco-funk, guided by Chloé’s delicate voice. It tells the story of a girl who falls in love with a statue, for the simple fact that it will never be able to return her love. This is reflected in the video that is being released along with this single, where in the first part we see Chloé in a garden with the starring statue, and then it jumps to a nighttime ambiance the better represents the darkest desires.




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