COUR DE RÉCRÉ: "Agathe, Agathe" Single and Video

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It doesn’t seem like distance has been a problem for COUR DE RÉCRÉ. The trio formed by Stan, Quentin and Chloé, based in France, is giving us a new advance single, while letting us know about the imminent arrival of their first LP as part of our new talent collection, “New Adventures In Pop”. And while we are waiting for that to come, we can enjoy this “Agathe, Agathe”, a new show of their fast-paced, lively, eclectic and unpredictable electronic pop. The song plays with catchy melodies and winds up giving us impossible developments. Metallic synthesizers and fast drum machines. Sonic parameters that are special and all their own but are also perfectly aligned with a new French scene that is full of vintage digital sounds put together with imagination and grace, like CLIO, ASCENDANT VIERGE, THE PIROUETTES, VIDEOCLUB and PÉPITE, among many others.


But the group’s pronounced personality is not only evident in their sound; it is also in their esthetic. We already saw this in their previous video “Vice Et Werther”, but here they take it up a notch. 3D animation with a vintage spirit, provocative, abounding in so many sensations that it can make you feel hopeful and bewildered, beauty and desperation, fragility and strength. It is a challenge in which the digital artist Antoine_Josset places the avatars for our musicians in a room where dancing gives way to imaginative, unpredictable, undefinable solutions. See for yourselves. Listen for yourselves. Words, in situations like this, are never quite right.



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