COOPER: Rolling Stone -Internet Tour- "Carrousel"

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For the closer, “Carrousel” is a revelation, musically speaking, within Alex Díez’s career; at moments it approaches THE STONE ROSES, with urgent, angry guitar arrangements. The structure is complex, constantly changing, with a high intensity levels right off the bat and a complete ecstasy that closes “Mi universe” on a high note. It also has dark lyrics, as dark as we’ve seen from the man who once fronted LOS FLECHAZOS, reaching the point of even being disturbing: “Desde ayer ya no brilla el sol / Pues su luz se diluye en tus lamentos / Desde ayer se apagó mi voz / Y no sé liberarte de este infierno / … /  Y gira el carousel por última vez” (The sun hasn’t shone since yesterday / because its lights is darkened by your sorrows / My voice has been silenced since yesterday / And I don’t know how to get you out of this hell /…/ And the carousel spins one last time)..




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