COOPER: Efe Eme -Internet Tour- "Saltos De Esquí"

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“Saltos de esqui” represents life without a safety net, with the clear and present idea: “Ya está aquí el invierno que mil veces yo soñé / Ahora siento su aliento en mi cara al descender” (Now the winter I dreamed of a thousand times is here / I feel its breath on my face as I descend), once again with dreamy choruses and harmonies full of fantasy.



Here at Elefant Records we have no doubt that “Mi Universo” will be a key album in Alex Díez’s career. The album will mark a new highpoint in the indispensable musician’s career, which is already full of hits and memorable achievements. Recorded in Konk Studios, which were founded by Dave and Ray Davies (THE KINKS), and where people like Elvis Costello, THE STONE ROSES, THE BEE GEES and BLUR, among many others, have also recorded, it proved to be the perfect environment to capture all of the magic in these new songs.

And so, for such a special occasion, the corresponding tour is going to be totally different. “Internet Tour” will debut COOPER’s new songs.  Over the course of ten days, on ten different websites, the ten songs on the album will be debuted one by one, each with its own new video made just for this occasion. So, starting November 8th, we can discover, each day on a different website, Alex Díez’s new songs, with their marvellous videos that transport us to each song’s universe, as well as show us some moments of the album recording process in the legendary British studios.



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