COOPER: Their single for Record Store Day is now available and they're going to London in June to record their new album

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Every year, all around the world, Record Store Day is celebrated (www.recordstoreday.com). Record Store Day was created for and by music, and thousands of independent and specialized stores come together in order to make this great event happen, getting incredible, one-of-a-kind releases ready for the day. Here at Elefant Records we are congratulating ourselves for celebrating this special day in Spain for the first time, and we’re going to have a really special release. This coming April 16th, Record Store Day 2011, in eight of the most reputable independent Spanish record stores – Alta Fidelidad (Oviedo), Amsterdam (Valencia), Beltza (Donostia), Discos Revolver (Barcelona), Escridiscos (Madrid), Marcapasos (Granada), Más que Música (Gijón) and Power Records (Bilbao) – a limited-edition vinyl single by COOPER that collects live sessions of the songs “Hyde Park”, “En el Sofá”, and the previously unreleased “Mi Universo”, as well as a cover of Elvis Costello’s “Alison” will be released. It is an exclusive limited-edition release that will also have a corresponding digital version that can be acquired via the usual platforms, and which will help us, for the first time, to take part in such an important initiative from our country, in order to honor this special way of understanding the music that specialized and independent stores offer.

Videos of the live performances included on the single will be released at the same time, which can be bought on iTunes. Fans of the ways of Álex Díez will be familiar with the recordings and will soon be able to enjoy them again. They are new proof of the energy of his songs, of his solid melodies and of the capacity of the ex leader of LOS FLECHAZOS for writing absolutely perfect songs, while we wait for their next album, which will begin to be recording this summer and on which we will be able to find the definitive version of “Mi Universo”. COOPER’s biggest fans have already gotten to enjoy “Mi Universo” live on various occasions, as they have “La Señal”, another of the songs COOPER has aired recently in their live shows and which will be recorded in the studio this summer. If we needed a reason, here we have several for pop fans to celebrate as much as they can.

Another news item that will fill COOPER fans with joy is that Alex himself happily announced this past April 9th, during their performance at the 32nd anniversary party for the mythic Radio 3 program “Flor de passion”, with the incombustible Juan de Pablos, “At the end of June we’re going back to London to begin recording our new album”. And so it will be; they will travel with José M Rosillo, who will be in charge of production for the album, where they will record in nothing less than the Konk Studios, one of the most legendary studios in the north of London that got the KINKS’ Ray Davies started at the beginning of the 70s. At first, the studio, near Davies’ neighbourhood, Mushwell Hills, was a private studio for the KINKS’ exclusive use but it opened years later to other artists so that they could enjoy the magnificent studio’s equipment. The list of groups that have recorded in the Konk Studios in recent years is as long as it is impressive, from THE ARCTIC MONKEYS to THE STONE ROSES, including ELASTICA, SUEDE, THE CHARLATANS, THE BEE GEES, BLUR, MANIC STREET PREACHERS, MASSIVE ATTACK, DEPECHE MODE, PORTISHEAD and SPIRITUALIZED, among many others. As the culmination of their London adventure, on July 7th and 8th, COOPER will play two live “going away” shows in two different clubs in the British capital with two other bands they are friends with. Soon, we will have more information available about COOPER’s new album, which will be called, “Mi universe”, as well as about their recording process and their concerts in London.

Limited Edition

**Already available on our online store

Click here to listen to the single on SPOTIFY

Click here to listen to the single on DEEZER

Click here to watch the video-clip of "Hyde Park [Live]"

Click here to watch the video-clip of "Mi universo [Live]"

Click here to watch the video-clip of "En el sofá [Live]"

Video-clip of "Hyde Park [Live]" on sale on iTunes

Video-clip of "Mi universo [Live]" on sale on iTunes

Video-clip of "En el sofá [Live]" on sale on iTunes

COOPER: Single "RSGo! (Cooper Goes Record Store Day)"
picture: Cooper: Single exclusivo para Record Store Day "RSGo! (Cooper Goes Record Store Day)" y viaje a Londres en junio para grabar su nuevo álbum



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