Cooper, new album "Aeropuerto" [March]

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“I don’t think airports are transient places. For me, they are a starting point and a final destination. Origin and destination. Start and finish. The beginning of an adventure, that seems full of feelings and experiences to still to discover, or the end of the road, that asks you to go over everything you’ve experienced since you started out. I like to think that this album is like that: a one-way ticket for those who don’t already know COOPER and also a photo album to look back over these last years for those who have traveled with us”. This is how Alex Díez explains the title of the new album, third as COOPER, but really there’s a lot more to it than just a new point of inflection: this is an impeccable collection of songs, carved out of singles (how the great pop albums are made), singles that habitually topped the sales lists (“Lemon Pop” was at the top of the AFYVE lists), as well as the story of five years in the career of one of the most important artists on the Spanish scene. Which is to say nothing about the four new songs that the man who was the spotlight of LOS FLECHAZOS gives us here: “Hyde Park” might be the most direct and uncontestable hit that Alejandro has written since COOPER began, with a chorus that gets just as easily into our subconscious (get ready to wake up whistling it every morning) as it does into our hips (soon to be played in all the bars); “El Sueño” is a marvelous version of NACHA POP only released as a single, just after releasing that unrepeatable debut alum – an incomparable homage to another of the bands that made pop great in this country; “La Edad de La Inocencia”, a new cinephile reference - very present on this disc (“Un Dia de Furia”, “Rainman”) and on the last album covers (Catherine Denueve was on the cover of “Dias de Cine” and “Guárdame Un Secreto”) – in this case to the Martin Scorsese movie (one of their favorite film-makers) with Daniel Day-Lewis, Winona Ryder and Michelle Pfeiffer, on which Alex shows us his unbeatable ability to write memorable choruses; and “Lisboa” is a gem, a strange explosion of psychedelic happiness full of beauty and emotion.

The compilation took many years to make and listening to it all at once shows a COOPER that already tastes like a classic: like the BYRDS, like Neil Young, like TEENAGE FANCLUB, like THE HOLLIES, like THE KINKS, and above all, with that sediment that only the greatest cooks can cultivate, it tastes like Alejandro Díez. Spread your wings with me and come with me to the pop paradise.

Release Date: March, 23rd 2009

COOPER: new album "Aeropuerto" [March]
picture: COOPER publicarán a finales de marzo su tercer álbum "Aeropuerto"



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