Can you keep a secret?

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On the day they were finishing their successful series of shows at El Sol in Madrid, presenting the EP "Días de cine", Alex Diez said jokingly that COOPER were "Spanish pop's best kept secret". The game continues, because the band's seventh single is actually titled "Guárdame un secreto" ("Keep a secret for me"). We can find some on this new EP that adds up to COOPER's already brilliant list of small format records. Four songs that follow up from the previous one from the very cover, with Catherine Deneuve starring again, and introducing the band's new drummer, Nacho García (WINNERYS).

"Canción de viernes" opens the EP with the classic COOPER sound, self-referencing their own repertoire as in songs like "Vértigo" or "Nudo en la garganta" (in fact the repetition of words from these songs is absolutely conscious). "Diario" is about emotional instability -a secret to keep, hidden from the rest-, in a power pop style. "Steph" is a precious song, poetic and very moving, with a different sound to the band's previous efforts: as if SHAZAM would play a BEATLES song with Evan Dando. If anything. The last song (the last one?), "Flea market", is a comeback to Alex's anglophile roots, a danceable instrumental number lead by Carlo Coupé's marvelous organ. With this guest musician COOPER travel to places where they could meet THE SMALL FACES, JAMES TAYLOR QUARTET or, of course, Alex's previous band LOS FLECHAZOS.

A videoclip has been filmed of "Canción de viernes", filmed in Spain even though it seems it could have been done in Finland. All the credit for this illusion goes to director Juan Marigorta, who has already directed other videos from the band as "Rabia", "Cerca del sol" or "Cierra los ojos".

COOPER will keep on playing in the next months, presenting their new songs.



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