Cooper, Pop art on their new video

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One of the inspirations for the song "Un día de furia", featured on COOPER's cinema-inspired "Días de cine" EP, was the Spanish translation of the movie "Falling down", starred by Michael Douglas in 1992. But for the videoclip of this song, directors Joel Rojas and Marc Molina (The Hands Collective, IT'S NOT NOT) have preferred to base their inspiration on another one of the explicit influences that Alex Diez likes so much: the "wild strawberry eclipse" he mentions in the lyrics, after the painting of the same name by American pop-art painter Robert Rauschenberg. The aesthetic of pop-art floats over the whole footage of the video, the texture of which looks like if it was a moving painting hanging on a wall. The story is divided in two (one of them is the band playing the song), going forward and backward symmetrically from opposite points, until they found each other when the last chord of this splendid video comes out from the amps. You will want to watch it again.



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