New project from Alejandro Diez: Cooper

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COOPER is the new solo project of Alejandro Diez, who used to be the leader of Spanish band LOS FLECHAZOS. LOS FLECHAZOS was the most important mod/pop band from the eighties and nineties in Spain. Their long career was awarded with a legion of fans here and abroad, as they toured Europe in many ocassions and achieved quite a name in the worlwide mod scene. Besides, some of their albums were released in other countries (for example "Alta fidelidad" was released in Japan by Tokuma). The band sadly split in the late nineties, and after some years of inactivity, their singer and songwriter Alejandro Diez comes back with a new solo project called COOPER.

Elefant released in November 2000 his first eleven-song album, called "Fonorama". COOPER is not meant to be a sequel of LOS FLECHAZOS; the sound here is not so sixties oriented, guitars are tougher and the classic Farfisa organ sound (a trademark in LOS FLECHAZOS' sound) is notably absent. Said this, Alejandro's strong personality is so present that all LOS FLECHAZOS' fans will recognize instantly his vocals and style in songs like "Buzo", "Diciembre" or "Technicolor". And the rest of the human race would enjoy a superb classic guitar pop album, splendidly written and produced.



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