ELEFANT: "In Love All Over Again", the new Netflix series features 19 songs by Elefant on its soundtrack.

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Elefant Records continues to be the protagonist of the soundtracks of many of the new releases on video-streaming platforms. And this time in style. "In Love All Over Again" is the new series by Carlos Montero, creator of series such as "Élite" (which has more than 30 Elefant songs on its soundtrack), "The Mess You Leave Behind" (with 11 Elefant songs in its only season) or "Física Y Química".


The first season of "In Love All Over Again" has eight episodes and has been released on Netflix last February 14th with the participation of Georgina Amorós, Franco Masini, Carlos González, Guillermo Toledo, Silvia Abril and many more actors and actresses that complete an incredible cast, and the direction of, among others, Carlota Pereda (currently on the front page for the award-winning "Piggy") or Mateo Gil ("Nobody Knows Anybody", "Blackthorn", "The Minions of Midas"). On "In Love All Over Again" we can listen to up to 19 songs that have been released on our label, making up a soundtrack that features artists such as FAMILY, LA CASA AZUL, LA BIEN QUERIDA, JUNIPER MOON, LA MONJA ENANA, NOSOTRÄSH, LES TRÈS BIEN ENSEMBLE, COOPER and many more. The perfect musical backdrop for a funny, gentle and down-to-earth romantic comedy, with two protagonists who display superb chemistry. A joy to see and hear.



Playlist (Spotify):

  • Elefant Records’ songs in the Netflix series “In Love All Over Again”



Otras Playlists (Spotify):

  • Elefant Records’ songs in the Netflix series “The Mess You Leave Behind”


  • Elefant Records’ songs in the Netflix series “Élite”




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