COOPER: Release the advance vinyl single "Los Veranos Son Para Soñar" for their upcoming Mini-LP “UHF” 




COOPER: Release “UHF”, it was already announced with that marvelous single “Entre Girasoles”, and now it’s here. “UHF” is COOPER’s new Mini-LP, to be released on a fantastic 12” vinyl + CD. This release brings a more luminous and vital Alex Diez back to us, with lyrics that look with sunny melancholy on those subtle stories that make our day-to-day lives richer.









In 2016, he celebrated his career’s 30-year anniversary, at the front of Los Flechazos and Cooper, with a compilation album and a successful tour called “30 años Viviendo en la Era Pop” (30 Years Living in the Pop Era). It was a book-album and double LP that combined the magic of Los Flechazos and the rage of Cooper together in one brilliant compilation; the summary of a 30-year trajectory. The album was released by WARNER MUSIC. 









After a few months of reflection, Cooper locked themselves in the studio to record a new album, “Tiempo, Temperatura, Agitación”, which Elefant Records will release in the spring of this year, and which promises the return of Alex to the premier league of pop. Instant hits, full of guitars, metal and vocal harmonies. Timeless XXI century pop-rock. If anyone can do it, ALEX COOPER can.






COOPER release "Infinito" Digital single taken from the upcoming album, "Tiempo, Temperatura y Agitación"  


The song that has been selected to be the first advance single of the album is “Infinito”, which is an instant classic in the group’s repertoire right from the first listen, and comes with a fantastic video by AfterliVe, plagued with images of Barcelona, the “new city” the song’s lyrics allude to. Just like on the rest of the album, “Infinito” drinks from the waters of the sonic fountain of youth. Fresh, impetuous, passionate, energetic. The return of the New Wave spirit, updated and brought into our time.    




Release their fifth album "Tiempo, Temperatura, Agitación"   Tiempo, Temperatura and Agitación are the three key parameters to keep in mind when you’re dealing with traditional film developing in photography. The developing process requires an artisanal meticulousness with the use of these factors, and they can change depending on the type of film, the maker, etc… And they can make a big difference in the final result. We imagine that fans of Álex Diez understand this perfectly. Because the three variables that give this new album its name (the fifth full-length with COOPER), reflect key aspects to his way of understanding music and, why not, the world: details, craftwork, passion and being careful with everything analogue and vintage.








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