Toward the end of 2006, specifically in November, the band’s anticipated return to the stage takes place. As they themselves say, they dedicated themselves in the meantime to “writing songs and restructuring human resources”.



The amazing reception of their return motivates them to record a new CD-Single, “Suena El Telefono”, a hyper-danceable song with pop callings and a breath of disco. Also, the release includes “Georgy Girl”, originally by THE SEEKERS, here translated to Spanish with a catchy touch of ye-ye (and, at the same time, an homage to the homonymous, long-running and passionately pop fanzine from Zaragoza made by Armando Trívez), the precious “Una Palabra Tuya” and a remix of the principal song called “Suena y Requetesuena”. The reviews are euphoric and there is hunger for COLA JET SET after three years without new songs to listen to.


The record label industry situation, economically troubled and in constant decline, causes Roge to lose steam and leave the group; Ana and Felipe take advantage of this moment to expand their family. But in no time, Joan (Barcelona) joins the group to take over on the drums.


The road awaits them. They perform again at the anniversary party for Flor De Pasion, sharing the stage with bands like L-KAN or SANTI CAMPOS Y LOS AMIGOS IMAGINARIOS. But probably their most representative concert from these days is the show in May in the International Pop Overthrow festival in Liverpool, with SQUIRE, RINALDI SINGS and Paul Bevoir, where they achieve well-renowned success and create an important legion of British followers.


The mentioned record label crisis has its repercussions in the different ways Subterfuge and the band see the band’s career, and the band leaves the Madrid label in June. They begin work self-publishing but while still in this process they knock on Elefant Records’ door and Elefant welcomes them in with great



The group enters itself in the preliminary rounds for the Eurvision festival with the new song, “El Sueño de Mi Vida”.


To celebrate signing with Elefant they perform on February 16th in El Sol with THE SCHOOL in a party for Elefant in which Alex COOPER participates as a specially invited DJ. COLA JET SET perform various new songs and close the concert with a version of “Al Amanecer” that unleashes a collective craze in the whole room.


The sessions that begin in February to release “El Sueño de Mi Vida” as a single quickly extends itself into full-length that will be called “Guitarras y Tambores”, just as they define their own classic pop sound. Throughout the recordings, the muses appear and 16 songs are produced (12 for the LP and the rest for B-sides and compilations) and one instrumental piece (which will close the album). The music is the same, because they know what they like to do and what their public wants, and it’s different because each new member brings his or her own touches to it, and there are songs by Alicia, Ana and Cristina. The album release is set for February of 2009.


The international relations between groups that MySpace so greatly facilitates open new doors: the album design will be overseen by Paul Bevoir, leader of the genuine British Jetset of the 80s and a good friend since Liverpool; and at the end of the summer the group accompanies the Norwegian MY LITTLE PONY on their Spanish tour, taking advantage of the opportunity to show off a handful of songs from the new album in Barcelona on September 21.



On February 16th, “Guitarras y Tambores” is released; the wait has been long but finally we can enjoy the new and long-awaited album, the second in their career and the first with Elefant. On this album the group has purified its sound, bringing it closer to a classic pop with clear sixties influences (Jackie De Shannon, THE RONETTES, THE BYRDS...) but they have also enriched it with small stylistic intoxications that came up along the way: soul, disco, psychedelic pop, soft-pop… Because of all this, the album is classic pop through and through. Its melodies and arrangements are inspired by the greats of the genre.


On March COLA JET SET is cover of the spanish magazine, Plástica.


On April they present their new album, "Guitarras y tambores" in Madrid. An Elefant party where they share stage with Zipper-Cremallera and Guille Milkyway Dj. At the same time video clip of the song, "El sueño de mi vida", directed by Labtrazos, sees the light.


In June, there is a very good review of "Guitars and drums" in the important north-american web, All music.


They don’t stop a second after the release of their second album in February. They take part in the 30th anniversary celebration for the radio show Flor de Pasión (RNE – Radio 3), they are COOPER’s special guests for the presentation of its new album, “Aeropuerto” in Madrid and Bilbao, they perform at some of the most important festivals in Spain (Indyspensable, Contempopranea, Fuengirola Pop Weekend, etc.), and they travel to England to perform in London and at the Indietracks Festival.


In October, COLA JET SET present the video-clip of the song "En esta pista ya no se puede bailar", directed by Marc and Joel (The Hands Collective), who did an extraordinary job on the group’s video-clip, in which they shine like true pop stars playing, singing and dancing with a ton of friends.


In December they release a limited edition single of 7”, in white vinyl featuring “En esta pista ya no se puede bailar” on its A side and two new songs on its B side: “Nos Volveremos a Ver”, is a spot-on Spanish adaptation of the 1939 classic “We’ll Meet Again”, written by Ross Parker and Hughie Charles, which was a big hit during the Second World War, as well as a new song by Alicia called “100% Cola Jet Set”, a true declaration of intent. Like the album "Guitarras y Tambores", the cover of this single is designed by Paul Bevoir (JET SET and Paul Bevoir), a true artistic genius who is an eminent personage in British pop.


"Guitarras y Tambores" is chosen as one of the best albums of the year by Je ne Sais Pop (Spanish website).


In March COLA JET SET appears on the cover of the Spanish magazine Plástica.


In April they present their new album, "Guitarras y tambores" in Madrid at a party hosted by Elefant where they share the stage with Zipper-Cremallera and Guille Milkyway Dj. At roughly the same time, the video-clip of the song "El Sueño de Mi Vida" is released, directed by Labtrazos.

June brings a very good review of "Guitarras y tambores" on the important North American website All Music.



In January they are once again mentioned on All Music, which publishes a good review of the video-clip “En esta pista ya no se puede bailar” on its website.


In February COLA JET SET play alongside BLA (a new band featuring Belén and Luis from L-KAN) at the first Elefant party of the year. They present their special supersized band for the first time in Madrid. Estel and Ruth on vocals and Manel and Gerard on keyboards and sound control reinforce the usual quintet of Ana (1st voice), Alicia (2nd voice and acoustic guitar), Cristina (3rd voice and bass), Joan (drums) and Felipe (electric guitar). They are brilliant and the audience gives itself over completely to the music, dancing and singing along. They finished the concert off with several songs by the legendary band LOS FRESONES REBELDES. What an amazing success!!!


“Suena el Teléfono” enjoys the unquestionable position of being the protagonist of COLA JET SET’s new video-clip. The clip is directed by Miss Lucifer (responsible for the majority of COOPER LINDA’s video-clips as well as GUILALA’s first video) and in it we can see the band from Barcelona in its entirety (something that has become known within the group in some of its recent concerts as LA SUPER COLA JET SET) paying homage to their many esthetic leanings: sixties style dresses, multi-colored argyle prints, choreography, split screen, old movies and the band playing in the middle of the living room of an elegant apartment, all served by one of the best choruses of Ana and Felipe’s band.



In December they release a limited edition single of 7” titled "Lesson One: Listen & repeat". This is a single with some of their most well-known songs translated into English, as well as a few covers of foreign groups, concretly THE MAGNETIC FIELDS and MY BLOODY VALENTINE.    


Besides, we can enjoy of the music video of "Candy". The clip is directed by Eduard Barraguer and it is a fantastic visual jewel.




It has been a while since we heard any news from them, but they are finally back. They are returning with a few changes in the line-up, and more importantly with a new collection of great pop songs. These are timeless, catchy songs, full of exciting stories and eternal melodies.


All this time, on top of very carefully and lovingly preparing this new album, they have been busy with so many other professional and personal things - especially Felipe, who has been touring non-stop around Spain and Mexico with the triumphant return of LOS FRESONES REBELDES. They began recording the album in 2013 and in this period of time, Ana, Cristina and Joan Pernil have left the group, and other musicians have temporarily formed part of it, like Estel and Anna. But now Felipe is back, and this time Alícia is in charge of the lead vocals, so the current COLA JET SET line-up is Alícia on vocals and guitar, Dani on bass, Felipe on solo guitar and 12-string, Manel on keyboards, Matt on guitar, Ruth on backing vocals and percussion, Toni on drums and Gerard Civat participating as a producer and on backing keyboards.


And even though that and so many other things have happened in these last few months, the group from Barcelona is still just as fresh, their spirit is just as adolescent, and their sensibilities are just as pop. This new album shows it all very clearly, aiming perfectly for immediate hits. 



Release their third album, “El Fin Del Mundo”. It is clear that COLA JET SET have only been enriched by their various line-up changes, while still maintaining an unwavering pop militancy with a clear dedication to the music. And it is more than obvious that the group from Barcelona has one thing straight: they want to make us dance, jump, and sing, and to excite us with this great collection of songs 







COLA JET SET: Release Digital Single [including two previously unreleased tracks] and Video for "Me Levantaré". COLA JET SET is making sure that “El Fin Del Mundo” continues to be a marvelous place to visit once in a while. “Me Levantaré” is their new single, with two previously unreleased songs and a fantastic and colorful video by Ángela Ulloa 




Relase Digital Single and Video for “Lo Mejor Está Por Llegar” [Including two previously unreleased songs]. The title track gives us one of the best pop-punk moments on the album, reminding us of some of the best moments from the group’s beginnings. “Escríbeme A Mí” coincides with one of the most successful lines of work in recent times: a precise soul-pop track that, through a wink to BLONDIE, creates a tribute to the music and all the bands we are fans of, to that indescribable feeling that only music can give us. “Septiembre”, the closing track, talks about all the heartaches and bitter feelings that the end of summer leaves, all together in the month that brings the start of school with it. Especially and above all if we leave our summer love behind.   The video is directed by Ángela Ulloa again, and it takes us through a fun sort of Groundhog Day with reality repeating itself over and over. It stars Joan Pernil, the group’s old drummer, with appearances by Felipe and the rest of the members of the group, and it holds a hilarious and unexpected ending.








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