The side of Carlos Caraballo we see within COLECTIVO DA SILVA exalts that part of the music that is for parties and celebration, a boy band from Granada full of freshness and fun. CARABALLO is his personal project, full of introspection and uncertainty. That’s why this is something much more open, that plays with hyper-pop, techno-pop, psychedelia and R&B, with lyrics full of edge and overflowing with emotion. Puzzles of sound with pristine melodies and playful arrangements, defined from the most brutal honesty.


His first single for Elefant Records, “Déjame Vivir” is solid proof of this, with something of the intimacy of Babi and DEPRESIÓN SONORA, with sounds that challenge you like HIDROGENESSE and rebe, with the lyric inspiration and heartbreak of LA CASA AZUL and 9ckles. With a profoundly generational look at the world we live in. Simple, with naive touches sometimes, but sincere and open. A world of anxiety, diverse, complex, but which Carlos takes on from his own consciousness, with all that goes along with that.


In 2023 his debut album on Elefant Records will be out. A record that, unlike his other project where he is part of a group of seven people, this one is constructed on his own, in that space where unlimited freedom and creativity play calmly together. A marvelous album that will be a total surprise.





CARABALLO "Tu Puñal" Digital Single


While we wait for CARABALLO’s imminent debut album with Elefant Records, we continue to pull out some of the incredible pieces that are going to be a part of it. Now we have “Tu Puñal”, with that acoustic guitar accompanied by that percussive keyboard, the layers of voices reciting, “Nadie llega al corazón / Es de piedra” (Nobody touches the heart / It is made of stone) and those lines that make something inside you break as soon as you hear them. “No puedes romper / Algo que ya fue / Partido en pedazos una y otra vez / Por mucho que claves / Tu puñal” (You can’t break / Something that was already / Smashed in tiny pieces again and again / No matter how deep you push / Your dagger). And those layers of synthesizers, showing off Carlos’s ability to create a warm cushioning of sound, close, intimate, evocative. And another music video from Bandiz Studio where they also play with textures and focuses, our protagonist singing or walking through the city at night, trying to find a way to transmit that feeling of warmth, light, that there is someone special who has something to tell us.


CARABALLO "Atrás En El Tiempo" Digital Single


We continue to reveal, little by little, what is going to be Carlos CARABALLO’ solo debut album, after having enjoyed “Déjame Vivir” and “Tu Puñal”. Now we have “Atrás En El Tiempo” where we can confirm the free spirit that Carlos is approaching this personal project with, playing with different aspects of pop and more current sounds, but always from the author’s personal and uniquely identifiable perspective. This balance between excitement and addiction, and the elusiveness and unpredictability that has us convinced that this debut album is going to be one of the biggest things in 2023. There is also a visual aspect involved, and Bandiz Studio once again gives us something imaginative and surreal, where our protagonist travels back and forth through time (just like the song’s title says) while walking down a busy street, which leads to all sorts of situations and strangely marvelous effects. Amazing. And we keep getting closer to having this debut in our hands.


CARABALLO "Caraballo" LP


Carlos CARABALLO uses introspection and personality where there was partying and celebration in his COLECTIVO DA SILVA. And he lays it out in an absolutely marvelous debut album, mapping out the history of pop, a treatise for atypical post-millennials, a tête à tête with his listeners. And, of course, for a project like this, he used his own name.


CARABALLO (Feat. rata.deinternet) “Ratatouille" Single y Video-Clip


An exercise in elegant electronic pop that is extroverted, unbiased, colorful, and also includes the collaboration of rata.deinternet, with a catchy chorus and a pure, pristine melody that goes straight to the heart.










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