BAND À PART "Nuestro Momento" Single Digital

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TRACKLIST: 01 Nuestro Momento


We are still working though some of the best moments of “Templos Y Neones”, the latest release from BAND À PART, which came about after their trip to Japan. And now we have come to “Nuestro Momento”. Coral and Javi have here a wonderful example of electronic pop that at times reminds us of that “Electronic Renaissance” by BELLE & SEBASTIAN: arpeggios, huge melodies, a solid chorus. This Digital Single comes with a new video made by Coral herself, where she creates the virtual world of a videogame that frames the story of the song. Fantasy and emotional dystopia. The esthetic reminds us a bit of the incredibly fun “Tron” and where those chromatic scales of violets and purples once again make an appearance, in the bright neon lights that have so marked the development of this most recent album from BAND À PART. It is a dreamt-up universe all their own, close to Shibuya.



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