AMOR BUTANO "Mágica" Single and Video

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AMOR BUTANO continues with their non-stop digital news. We are so close to the imminent arrival of the 4-song EP, “Te Noto Cambiada”, from which we are bringing you the advance single “Mágica”. The song once again makes it evident how great the production work of Diego Ferrando (production and keyboards), Raquel Goterris (keyboards and vocals) and Sara Alegre (keyboards and vocals) is for building disco hits with a nihilist spirit and fascinating lyrics. A powerful base, synthesizers that are just in love with the eighties, and a totally delicious, catchy chorus. It takes you straight to the dance floor to feel it to the fullest. To go along with the advance, the single comes with a video directed by Javier Artigas and Óscar Javier. Óscar also appears in this visual document where dance is the clear star, hedonism is the inspirational muse, and Cachofurro’ special appearance brings a perverse sense of humor to the final result, with Valencia in the center as the main stage. Our queens of the dance floor are back!





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