AMOR BUTANO "Planeta Venus" Single Digital

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In honor of International LGBTQ+ Pride Day, AMOR BUTANO is releasing a very special single, a celebration worthy of its cause. “Planeta Venus” is a powerful lesbian anthem that radiates empowerment and hope, that uses music as a transformative tool. Through their message of acceptance and the reference to iconic figures like

Sonia y SelenaJaviera Mena or the deceased Sophie, the song creates an alternate reality for those who feel discriminated against. The song is an ode to diversity and a call for freedom from those who face discrimination because of their sexual orientation. And of course, to the beat of euro-disco, DiegoRaquel and Sara release a universal message to light up the dance floor.

The song lyrics are an emotional journey, telling the story of a person facing discrimination because of their sexuality. But, over the course of the song, we learn that this person finds comfort and strength in figures that invite them to live on a planet where they can be recognized as they are and feel free. With its overflowing energy and touching lyrics, this song becomes a beacon of hope for the LGBTQ+ community and a reminder of how important diversity and inclusion are in society.



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