AIKO EL GRUPO "Me están apuntando con un arma" LP/CD

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TRACKLIST: 01 Niños furbito y niñas lo que sea  02 Soy una fracasada estúpida (Feat. Mujeres) 03 Es la forma que tienes de ocultar algo que hay en tu mente (Feat. Axolotes Mexicanos)  04 k pesao  05 Sexo Fender (Cenicero) 06 GTA  07 wormz  08 Romantinski  09 Peñacastillo  10 La Seli  11 Love song


You just can’t explain the phenomenon of AIKO EL GRUPO. They are an incomparable group. Their sense of humor, their irreverent and totally unbiased attitude, their ever-greater taste in melodies and arrangements, and their infinite energy are all ingredients in a recipe that results in something unique and inimitable. And their new album confirms all of this. “Me están apuntando con un arma” includes eleven songs that are over in the blink of an eye, and which make us dance wildly, get angry, laugh and feel excited like teenagers.


And this was all just reaffirmation, because we had already heard that impossibly amazing “Niños furbito y niñas lo que sea”, that pouring out of bile that is “k pesao”, “Sexo Fender (Cenicero)”, the song that gives us the line “Me huele el pelo a cenicero” (My hair smells like an ashtray) to the beat of pounding guitars, or that strange love story (or not) that is “Romantinski”. Their ability to create XXI century anthems confirms hits like “GTA” (or the epic, according to AIKO EL GRUPO), “wormz” and “Peñacastillo”. To this amazing cocktail, we have to add collaborations with two groups that are also specialists in never taking their foot off the gas pedal. MUJERES kills it on “Soy una fracasada estúpida” and Olaya from AXOLOTES MEXICANOS does her thing with “Es la forma que tienes de ocultar algo que hay en tu mente”. Sparks fly from the record player needle. And we have to give a special mention to that marvelous “Love song”, that shows us that they also know how to make incredible harmonies, even get a little sweet, with elegance and inspiration. But just the right amount. All of this under the vigilant eye and ear of Carlos Hernández on the control panel, who is responsible for making magic and bringing out the best in everything he touches.


To listen to “Me están apuntando con un arma” is to take a ride on an apocalyptic roller coaster, where anything can happen. You can feel sick or feel the indescribable adrenaline rush. You can even fall in love, almost by accident. Join the crowds on the Spanish scene that are already singing along with their unique lyrics at their powerful concerts. And soon in their cars, in their living rooms or in the clubs with the best music.


Keep your eyes peeled for the vinyl edition (which will sell out fast, like their last album did), which includes a 4-sided fold-out poster. The poster, of course, will also be included in the CD Digipak edition.





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