AIKO EL GRUPO “Sexo Fender (Cenicero)” Single and Video

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The third single from what is going to be their second album, in this imminent 2023. And the third hard hit. Unstoppable. AIKO EL GRUPO stay true to their irreverent punk spirit, insolent and unbiased. “Sexo Fender (Cenicero)” has those impossible rhymes (“me huele el pelo a cenicero”) (my hair smells like an ashtray), those stories full of energy and good vibes, that crescendo into shouts and distortion at the end. Energy in its purest form. Like the kind that closes the music video for the song, directed again by the GRAPA collective (which AIKO’s Teresa and Bárbara are a part of, along with their friend Jorge Pesquera), in which the group wakes up in a strange house and experiences uncomfortable and absurd situations. They move through disgust, incredulousness, partying, the unpredictable and the flat-out comic. Everything blows up when that typical annoying guy gives them unsolicited advice that makes them explode. What’s coming is going to be huge. Those of you who have jumped and danced through their concerts know it. Very soon, in 2023, the world will no longer be the same.




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