LA BIEN QUERIDA: “Recompensarte”, third advance Digital Single and Video for their new album “Fuego” [Oct. 6, 2017]

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We will never get tired of talking about the special expectations we have for each new release from LA BIEN QUERIDA. Everyone who has followed Ana Fernández-Villaverde’s and David Rodríguez’s trajectory knows that the unexpected is not uncommon. That is what happened with the first two singles (three songs) taken from their new album, “Fuego”, which will be released this coming October 6th: “7 Días Juntos”, “Dinamita” and “El Lado Bueno” gave us three equally addictive and surprising aspects of what’s to come. We said then that it is hard to give a clear vision of what one of their albums can include with only three songs, and that’s why this fourth song and its corresponding video clip, directed once again by Juanma Carrillo, perfectly balances out the equation.


The thing is that “Recompensarte” is one of the biggest surprises on the album. It is totally different from the other songs from “Fuego” that we have already introduced. We are talking about a precious rumba presented as a duet between Ana and J from LOS PLANETAS, with clapping and fanning the flames from Muchachito. And the magic that seeps out of each listen is made evident in the fascinating video recorded for the occasion, which includes the presence of all the stars, and which once again includes a specific, exotic, beautiful concept of mestizaje. This is a real gem, which raises spirits to the boiling point. And, we imagine, raises LA BIEN QUERIDA fans’ levels of impatience.




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