ALPACA SPORTS: Release video for “Where'd You Go?”

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This October, it has been one year since Elefant Records released “When You Need Me The Most”, the fantastic 10” Mini-LP by our beloved ALPACA SPORTS. It is a precious album, that makes it clear how good the Swedish group is at crafting eternal, delicious, enjoyable pop songs, like “There's No One Like You”, “Just Like Them”, “Need Me The Most” and “I Love You”. And, in honor of the occasion, we are celebrating the anniversary with the release of a new video, the fourth and final one taken from this Mini-LP. This time, the featured song is the wonderful “Where'd You Go?”, and the video shows us the band’s recent tour in Japan, interweaving concert scenes with diverse Japanese experiences. 

ALPACA SPORTS are currently working on songs for their new LP, which is expected to be released in 2017, and which we will have more news about soon.




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