LIA PAMINA: Releases an advance digital single and video for her first album

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We have had the pleasure of hearing her debut single, but what Lia Pamina has done with her first album has exceeded all expectations. “Love Is Enough” is probably one of the most romantic and beautiful albums in years: delicate, sensitive, fragile... With strong influences from the French chanson and artists like Astrud Gilberto, Nancy Sinatra and Claudine Longet, it perfectly blends a mix of elegance and pop spirit. And to help her achieve this, she counted on Joe Moore, founding father of THE YEARNING, for production, arrangements and compositions.

So that you can get a little taste now, we are offering this advance single, “Walking Away”, where we can see Joe Moore’s chamber pop push Lia’s sweet voice, creating innocent, tender textures. The clavichord and the strings move the acoustic guitar notes over an emotional journey that is reflected in the bucolic landscapes that decorate Lia Pamina’s body in the video, filmed by BAND À PART.

This is an invitation to what is probably the best way to get a little closer to this album: looking patiently into one of those incredible landscapes that decorates our dreams, while we let the notes of “Love Is Enough” slide into our ears. Both things make us feel what it means to be human: so big, so small.




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