THE YEARNING: “When I Lost You” Digital Single and advance Video-Clip from their new album

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The time is getting close for the release of THE YEARNING’s anticipated new album, “Evening Souvenirs”, and now we have this advance digital single and video-clip to enjoy as an appetizer. The single and video perfectly show off the deep romanticism and delicate sensibilities that THE YEARNING’s new work contains. The album is full of majestic arrangements, chamber pop, and influences from the most sophisticated and melancholic French music. “When I Lost You” has echoes of Burt Bacharach and his “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”, and the fragile sadness of Dusty Springfield. Chris Croft, the director of the video-clip, takes control of the camera again and creates a document with pastoral tones, with those Victorian gardens and that screen division, reminding us of the stylizations of French Nouvelle Vague. We are totally convinced that “Evening Souvenirs” is going to be one of the albums of the year, and this song is solid proof.




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