NELEONARD: Release "Coger Frío", an advance Digital Single and Video from their first album

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Just a few short months ago we were enjoying NELEONARD’s single “Casi Cuela”, which confirmed what their Mini-LP “Agosto” showed us: Nele’s band is one of the best on the current scene in Spain. Soon, their debut album “Las Causas Perdidas” will be out and will reconfirm everything more palpably and solidly.

“Coger Frío” is the advance single for “Las Causas Perdidas”. It’s difficult to condense everything that NELEONARD’s album contains into one single song, and we want so badly to let you listen to all of it, but “Coger Frío” definitely contains a lot of what the album has to offer. The pop spirit, in this case inherited from PULP, CAMERA OBSCURA and HEFNER, the elegance and precision of the arrangements of THE DIVINE COMEDY and LA BUENA VIDA, and above all, spot on lyrics that hit the emotional bulls-eye; the kind of lyrics we will need to memorize on the first listen and sing along with like someone possessed. This song talks about the disappointments life can give us, especially with the things we had our hopes set so high for that ultimately fail us, but how sometimes the little details are the things that turn out to be the most important. “Coger frío para poder perder el miedo a lo conocido /... / Desaprender lo aprendido / Llenando cada silencio con palabras que inventar” (Getting a little cold to lose the fear of the known /… / Letting go of what I’ve learned / Filling every silence with words to be invented”).



Along with the single, there is a video directed by Diego Delgado, the Catalan director with tremendous experience in audiovisual design and advertising, and which serves as the perfect introduction to the group, who play this beautiful song that demonstrates their elegance, and at the same time their closeness.

Nele, with Laura Alonso, Elena Comas, Guille Rodríguez, Eloy Bernal and Pedro Señalada, are going to be that band that is going to steal our hearts for the next years, whose songs are going to be the catchy anthems of our lives, like stickers full of memories…


Release Data "Las Causas Perdidas" [LP/CD]: 9-9-2016




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