PAPA TOPO: "Ópalo Negro" karaoke competition (with a prize) Enter now!

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To celebrate the release of “Ópalo Negro”, the new album by PAPA TOPO, the band is holding a competition that will give you a chance to test out your skills as karaoke divas. To enter, you just need to record yourselves singing “Ópalo Negro” as energetically as, you can over the playback track you’ll find here:



The band will judge the entries, evaluating no only the vocal aspect but also the performance as a whole (we strongly recommend you to make it as wild and crazy as you can), the choreography, editing and other non-musical parameters. The videos should be sent to papatopoxcore@gmail.com  before 17 june (the LP’s release date), and the judges will issue their verdict on the 18th in Barcelona at the album presentation party.


The exciting prize will be a pack consisting of the complete signed discography of PAPA TOPO (incluiding the three discontinued singles: "Oso Panda", "La Chica Vampira" and "Sangre En Los Zapatos (Mi Amor)", their Mini-LP 10” “Rotación y Traslación” and their new album "Ópalo Negro"), a T-shirt and totebag.


Good luck everybody! We are dying to hear you all singing your hearts out to "Un, Dos, Tres..."!




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