LINDA GUILALA: Release "Cosas Nuevas", advance Digital Single for their second album "Psiconáutica"

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“Psiconáutica” is here. More than 7 years have passed since the release of their debut album (during which they released a non-stop parade of Singles, EPs, Mini-LPs, participated in different projects, helped new groups, and did a million other things), and we are finally going to get our hands on what we are warning you in advance is a huge deal. And as proof, we have this advance Digital Single: “Cosas Nuevas”, an anthem and a declaration of intent. A wall of sound, effervescent melodies, hypnotic lyrics (No es todo malo / Lo que habita dentro de mí / También hay agua / Y cosas nuevas que / Pueden hacerme feliz) (It’s not all bad / What lives inside me / There is also water / And new things that / Can make me happy), echoes of LOS PLANETAS, MOGWAI, and MY BLOODY VALENTINE, and above all so much energy and noise condensed into only 2 minutes.


And like every good sonic impact, it comes with an audiovisual accomplice: a video directed by Magnetova’s Javi Camino where psychedelia and impressionism play together in equal parts, where they appeal to an inner world that is sometimes too restricted by logic and reason, and where colors and shapes play a crucial role. Like all things that make a major impact, and all good acts of expression, it can’t be explained with words. Just watch it. Listen to it. Feel it. And wait just a little longer, because “Psiconáutica” will be here soon.


Release Date "Psiconáutica": 10-6-2016



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