NICK GARRIE: Digital Single “Evening” [Live] “Primavera Sound 2012 Remember”

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It is getting close to time for one of the most important festivals in our country - maybe even one of the most important festivals internationally - Primavera Sound. And so we want to remember the performances there that have touched us the most. In 2012, Nick Garrie went onstage at the Forum Auditorium, with a chamber music band, to recover and interpret the songs from his legendary “The Nightmare Of JB Stanislas”, as well as some of his more recent compositions.


That’s why we are giving you this Digital Single, with a song recorded in that concert, for free. The chosen song is “Evening”, which was the closing track on “The Nightmare Of JB Stanislas”. The album was cursed for many years to only be found on the shelves of a few chosen album collectors. But its incredible poetic quality and strength led to a few record labels specialized in musical archeology hunting it down and bringing this composer’s songs to light. This process culminated with Elefant Records releasing an album of new material, “49 Arlington Gardens”, which included the collaboration of big names in the Scottish Indie scene like Ally KerrNorman Blake (TEENAGE FANCLUB), Francis McDonald (NICE MAN, TEENAGE FANCLUB, BMX BANDITS), Duglas T. Stewart (BMX BANDITS). It also led to the luxury re-release of the already mentioned “The Nightmare Of JB Stanislas”. And of course the cherry on top of all of this was that marvelous concert, where, almost miraculously, we were able to enjoy those songs just as they were conceived.



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