THE SCHOOL: Release "All I Want From You Is Everything" as an advance Single of their upcoming album

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We finally have news about one of our favorite bands!!!! THE SCHOOL are back with a numbered, limited-edition, white 7”, that’s coming out as an advance of their upcoming album, which we’ll have more news about soon. Their luminous melodies and magical arrangements are back, and so is Liz with her sweet voice, with those wonderfully exciting songs that contain the best pop traditions of recent decades, with a special focus, of course, on the sixties and girl groups.

To start with, the EP’s title track (which will also be on the album), is definitely one of the most solid hits the group from Cardiff have written to date. The chorus goes straight to the heart; it’s one of those choruses that make you see the world through new eyes, with sublime arrangements and a rhythm that has the purity and naturalness of teenage love carved into every beat. To play on repeat for hours. “Baby Don’t Hold Your Breath For Me” is one of the EP’s exclusive songs; a cover of KNICKERS, it moves between the best northern soul and the most playful jazz-swing, with Brian Wilson and Burt Bacharach watching from the wings.
We go to the other side and we find another song that will be on the album, “I Will See You Soon”, which is another totally solid pop anthem, somewhere between Sarah Records-style guitar pop, and the craziest ye-ye. At the end of the album, a little sadness and grief enter the picture, with a cover of Carole King’s “Crying In The Rain” - sober, desperate, forceful...
Rob Jones (producer of SWEET BABOO's 'Ships' and live bassist for SLOW CLUB)takes the lead in the control room, and also on the drums, and he gives the group’s music a lively, fresh air. And obviously a single as good as this one only increases our appetite for more, and makes us even more excited to get our hands on that new album, the third in their career. We promise, you won’t have to wait much longer. 




TRACKLIST: 01 All I Want From You Is Everything  02 Baby Don't Hold Your Breath For Me  03 I Will See You Soon  04 Crying In The Rain



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