LINDA GUILALA: Release "Xeristar"

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Digital single and video for "Lo Siento Mucho": 24 February 2014

Release date "Xeristar" Mini LP 10": 17 March 2014 


There is no room for doubt that there is going to be a before and an after “Xeristar” in LINDA GUILALA’s career. Maybe it’s the time they’ve taken since their last EP, during which they’ve been producing groups like AXOLOTES MEXICANOS, WHEN NALDA BECAME PUNK and LOS BONSÁIS, among others, in their Kaiju studios. They’ve also been accompanying Marco Maril as the live band for APENINO. Maybe it’s the definitive incorporation of Bruno Mosquera as a guitarist in the band, who has brought that wall of sound that Ivan and Eva were looking for. But the thing is that we are without a doubt looking at their best collection of songs - six intense, electrifying compositions that go from furious to narcotic, somewhere between LOS PLANETAS, RIDE, CLINIC, MY BLOODY VALENTINE, and SPIRITUALIZED at their spaciest and most ultrasonic.



In fact, their “Medication” brings us the title of this limited-edition, transparent-vinyl 10” mini-LP. It’s a reference to an antidepressant medication, an evident symbolism that highlights their capacity for energy. And as proof: “Chicas Guapas (Que Van A Trabajar En Moto)” is a pure crack of a whip, with a super-catchy chorus, the ferocity of a well-armed A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS, and programming that gives even more consistency to the wall of noise held up by an irresistibly pop melody. “Lo Siento Mucho” has the primitive energy and freshness of PALE SAINTS and the volatile effervescence of MY BLOODY VALENTINE that raves between the cover of night and melancholy. “Verano” has echoes of LOS PLANETAS, from when they made us tremble: the lyrics and the music remind us of that indomitable spontaneity that “Mi Hermana Pequeña” cheered on.



If the Reid brothers had begun with twenty-first century music, they would have ended up writing songs like “No Me Véis”. The guitars full of conviction, rock spirit with pop ancestry, and a lot a lot of noise. “Haciendo Daño” is one of the songs that best shows the leap they make in this mini-LP, the reflection of the frustration and disillusionment through dynamism, placid and melodic verses that give way to explosive and electrifying choruses. And to prove us right, “Sábados de Tormenta” also has some great indie-pop and pop-punk echoes, between LUSH, THE PRIMITIVES, and  SHOP ASSISTANTS.


This is a major release, one that has left us amazed and exhausted, that hopefully means an important qualitative leap for the group, and that does nothing more than awaken the incredible urge to hear these songs live, with our ears appropriately cushioned.


MINI-LP 10" [Clear Vinyl] [Numbered Limited Edition of 500 copies] / DIGITAL MINI ALBUM •  This vinyl includes a free digital MP3 download [320 kbps]


TRACKLIST: 01. Chicas Guapas (Que Van A Trabajar En Moto) 02. Lo Siento Mucho 03. Verano 04. No Me Veis 05. Haciendo Daño 06. Sábados De Tormenta  



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