FAMILY “Un Soplo En El Corazón”: Vinyl Re-release [Twentieth Anniversary] SOLD OUT!!

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There are some dates you can never forget. At Elefant, we’ll never forget the day “Un Soplo En El Corazón” came out. The album received critical and popular acclaim, and was labeled as one of the best albums in the history of Spanish pop. It became a legend, especially with that shroud of mystery that Javier Aramburu (also one of the most important album cover designers in the country) and Iñaki Gametxogoikoetxea created by barely giving any interviews, not letting themselves be photographed, not doing any live shows. So, the twentieth anniversary of an album that was and is so special to us is cause for celebration here at Elefant Records, and we’re celebrating with a limited-edition vinyl re-release, with 1000 numbered copies.


This is a really special release that is available again (after many years of being completely out-of-print) in a format full of romanticism, so that we can enjoy such truly marvelous songs in such a special way and, while we’re at it, pay homage to the memory of songs that will forever be a part of the history of Spanish pop music. There is so much proof of the album’s legacy, like that RockDeLux magazine issue that names it album of the year, album of the decade, and placed it on the list of the top 20 national albums of the 20th century. AB Redacción also called it the best album of the decade, and declared “Nadadora” the second best song of the 90s. We could go on like this, pointing out media like El Pais De Las Tentaciones, Mondo Sonoro, Guia Del Ocio, etc. Even Alaska herself chose it as her favorite album from the 90s.


The album has passages that range from precious to dreamy (“Dame Estrellas o Limones”), from melancholic joy to bittersweet chagrin (“Yo Te Perdí Una Tarde De Abril”, “El Bello Verano”), delicate melodies full of vitality and beauty (“Como Un Aviador”), songs that meander into electronic pop (“Nadadora”) and golden folk-pop (“Portugal”). It moves between the vulnerability that the album title gives off (homage to Louis Malle and his movie of the same name, A Murmer of the Heart) and the color and fantasy of “Viaje A Los Sueños Polares” and “La Noche Inventada”… From beginning to end, “Un Soplo En El Corazón” is a unique and imitable cult classic; one of those albums that you always have a copy of at home, because you know that one of these days you are going to need it. And, without a doubt, it will always be there to help us.    



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