Papa Topo release their first video, "Oso Panda": Reeling in the views on YouTube in the first hours and their first single almost sold-out in one week!!!

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You can watch the video HERE:

After so many characters typed into webs and blogs and being one of the most-searched-for-groups on the internet, this past March 15th PAPA TOPO finally released their highly anticipated debut single in Elefant’s new collection, “New Adventures in Pop”. The TOPO-fever has spread all over the planet, from one end to the other, at dizzying speeds, the single is practically sold out after less than one week and the release of their first video has become an previously unseen phenomenon on YouTube, with more than 19.000 visits in the first few hours and awards for the most important video portal in the world, from the number 1 spot in “superfavorite music” videos to the number 2 spot in “most seen today” as well as other important ones like “most liked”, “most commented”, “most seen” and superfavorites…

Lluís Prieto and the whole team at Llaüt Digital (a young and promising production house from Palma de Mallorca) knew exactly how to get the most out of the audiovisual part of one of the biggest indie hits of the year. The video is equal parts fun, carefree, caustic and youthful, the same sharp humor that, like in the album cover photo, gives the clear message that, despite the young age of our heroes (Paulita is 15 and Adriá just turned 18), both have got their heads on straight and have more than enough attitude and talent.

Currently, Adrià and Paulita are back in the studio recording songs for their next single under the astute and demanding baton of the pop-maestro Guille Milkyway, so everyone who’s infected with TOPO-fever, get ready because the overdose is going to be lethal. And now you know, don’t forget to take your vitamins and boost those defenses because this is only the beginning!!!


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