ELEFANT: Releases [2024]

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ELEFANT: Releases [2024]


ER-D353 PIPIOLAS (Feat. RIGOBERTA BANDINI) "La Niña Bonita" Single Digital [12-1-2024]
ER-D354 LISASINSON “Mira Chico" Single Digital [17-1-2024]
ER-D357 INTERROGACIÓN AMOR “Sin ti no soy nada" Single Digital [19-1-2024]
ER-D359 SUNLIT "Back" Single Digital [24-1-2024]
ER-D358 AMOR BUTANO "Mágica" Single Digital [26-1-2024]


ER-D360 SUNLIT "Someone So Beautiful" Single Digital [16-2-2024]


MARCH 2024
ER-D361 SUNLIT "Don't Cry Tonight" Single Digital [1-3-24]
ER-D362 MARINITA PRECARIA “Momento Decisivo" Single Digital [5-3-2024]
ER-1291 SUNLIT "Sunlit" Álbum Digital [8-3-2024]

APRIL 2024
ER-D365 AXOLOTES MEXICANOS "Himawari" Single Digital [5-4-2024]
ER-D364 SOLEÁ MORENTE "Mi Vida Es Para Mí" Single Digital [10-4-2024]
ER-D366 LISASINSON "Salgo A La Calle" Single Digital [12-4-2024]
ER-D367 PIPIOLAS (Feat. KIKO VENENO) "Llorarme" Single Digital [19-4-2024]
ER-D368 AXOLOTES MEXICANOS (Feat. AIKO EL GRUPO) "ROSAS y ESPINAS" Single Digital [26-4-2024]


MAY 2024
ER-1293 AXOLOTES MEXICANOS "4ever" LP / CD  [3-5-2024]
ER-D369 LABORDE "No Vull" Single Digital [10-5-2024]
ER-D370 AMOR BUTANO "Te Noto Cambiada" Single Digital (4 Temas) [17-5-2024]
ER-D371 LISASINSON "Decidí Desaparecer" Single Digital [29-5-2024]
ER-1291 SUNLIT "Sunlit" LP [31-5-2024]


JUNE 2024

ER-1189SLP THE PRIMITIVES "Spin-O-Rama" Reissue [21-6-2024]
ER-1107LP LA CASA AZUL "Tan Simple Como El Amor" Reissue "[28-6-2024]
ER-1119LP LA CASA AZUL  "El Sonido Efervescente de La Casa Azul" Reissue "[28-6-2024]


JULY 2024

ER-1195LP AXOLOTES MEXICANOS "Holi <3" Reedición [5-7-2024]
ER-1229LP AXOLOTES MEXICANOS "Salu2" Reedición [5-7-2024]
ER-D372 AMOR BUTANO "Apocalipsis" Single Digital [12-7-2024]
ER-D373 MARINITA PRECARIA “Fantasmas" Single Digital [19-7-2024]


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