AMOR BUTANO "De La Navidad Al Neoliberalismo" Single Digital

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TRACKLIST: 01 De la Navidad al Neoliberalismo


With Christmas coming up and the appearance of this song on the soundtrack of an upcoming film on Netflix, we are recovering this AMOR BUTANO’ song that was originally released on the 2021 Jeanne d'Arc Christmas carol compilation “Villancicos Vol. IV”. This time, the trio from Valencia make a critique of the consumerist spirit of these dates, with juicy production work full of the usual, aligning themselves sound-wise with the typical classics of the Christmas season. The contrast between the sweetness of the arrangements and the sharpness of the lyrics is incredible. This is how DiegoRaquel and Sara wish us a Merry Christmas from Benimaclet. And the cover as a postcard is a work of Raquel Calvo.




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