PIPIOLAS (feat. GINEBRAS) "Todas Las Horas" Single Digital

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There are just a few days left, we can almost count down the hours, until the anxiously-awaited full-length from PIPIOLAS is here. This album includes the heavily commented and played singles like “Baby”, “Romancero Propio”, “No Soy Un XoXo” and “Pogo En Casa”. But we couldn’t release the album without first showing you one of the most incredible songs on it, a collaboration with their friends GINEBRAS, who with their clean guitar strokes put “Todas Las Horas” in the Olympus of pop, dynamic and epic, full of rage and distortion.


To celebrate, and to prepare ourselves for “No hay un Dios”, this Digital Single comes with a music video where we can see the star of the video in the pool, letting time pass, making eye contact with a lifeguard who can’t seem to decide if she wants to talk to her or not. Our PIPIOLAS and the GINEBRAS watch this all take place while enjoying the best thing in the world – time with their friends. The music video is directed by Andrea Casaseca, who has received more than 50 awards and has been included in more than 300 selections in film festivals around the world, and who was candidate for a Goya in 2015 for the best short film for “Sinceridad”. She is without a doubt one of the most interesting and most promising storytellers in recent years.


The song is refreshing, the video takes us back to summer; this is new proof of the overflowing energy that PIPIOLAS bring us, and which will soon sweep us away with “No hay un Dios”.




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